Training Solutions and
Organizational Development

Providing support and direction during a difficult
life season

"We saved money by investing in our employees, instead of replacing them."

Keeping priorities
in balance with
Work-Life Services


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Customer Quote

"The EAP helped many times so that we were able to see a valuable employee through difficult times. We saved money by not having to replace a skilled employee."

Client Quote

“The EAP staff was very understanding, easy to talk to. I really appreciate this program. It’s great knowing they are there to help.”

Successful businesses know that beyond effective strategy and efficient operations, solid business results are accomplished through human resources.
Small business Chamber of Commerce members with 1-50 employees now have access to All Points' EAP benefit at significantly reduced savings! Employers pay about $20 per employee, annually, with no minimum fee.
All Points EAP & Organizational Services, Inc. provides employee assistance and organizational development consulting dedicated to strengthening people and organizations.