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Mediation is a voluntary process by which participants who are involved in workplace conflict are given the opportunity to respectfully identify their issues in order to develop possible options, consider alternatives and reach an agreement that addresses their needs. 

People Works consultants serve as neutral facilitators who assist in resolving the workplace conflict. Initially, each participant is encouraged to come for a 1:1 meeting with a consultant to discuss the mediation process and to assess for appropriateness and motivation for mediation. Following this 1:1 meeting, participants are brought together to respectfully discuss their concerns and develop a mutually agreed upon plan for resolution. The consultants’ role is to facilitate these meetings in an unbiased manner while ensuring considerate communication. Mediation sessions last between 1- 2 hours per meeting and the average number of sessions is 3 (note, some may be resolved in less time and some may require more time, depending on the issues and the dissonance between participants).

If you are interested in learning more about this process or would like to schedule an appointment for mediation services, please call us at 434-845-1246.