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EAP Trainings

EAP Core Technology Training

The training courses listed below are included in your EAP contract at no additional charge.

EAP Awareness
A brief training session designed to provide an overview of the employee assistance program and its services, which may be presented to the entire workforce or smaller groups of employees.  Major topics include voluntary participation, confidentiality, the various types of problems with which EAP assists employees and family members, and types of professional services available. This training is used in the implementation of a new organization or as a refresher with a mature organization.

Introductory Supervisor Training
This training introduces supervisors to using EAP as a management tool. It instructs participants regarding the importance of early intervention, and details the process for referring employees with job performance and/or personal problems. This training is used in the implementation of a new organization. 

Supervisor Retraining
Supervisor retraining usually occurs after a company has been with EAP for at least a year. It is specific to the needs of the organization, provides a refresher of introductory supervisor training, and focuses on topics such as what prevents supervisors from making an appropriate referral, and improving supervisory skills.

Drug Free Workplace

Drug Free Workplace Training for Supervisors and Employees
An overview of the Drug-free Workplace Act is provided in this training, along with alcohol and drug education, and guidance in how to use the EAP for assistance with substance abuse problems. The importance of a DFWP policy to an organization is emphasized. Other applicable policies and regulations may be integrated with this training with the assistance of the employer customer.

Back to Work
Special supervisory skills are required for supervisors who have employees returning to work after treatment for chemical dependency. Participants in this training will be taught about basic concepts in chemical dependency treatment and recovery, how to prepare for the returning employee, how to recognize signs of substance abusers who are relapsing, how to intervene early to assist employees, and how to make a referral to the EAP.

Critical Incident Response

Diffusion and Debriefing
Trauma response consists of on-site group sessions for employees who have experienced trauma. Traumatic incidents include both on and off-site occurrences. Examples include: employee injury or accident on duty, physical violence, death of a co-worker in or out of the workplace, suicidal threats or suicide, sexual assault, and natural or workplace disaster even if no injuries occur. Trained professional staff will facilitate a structured group in order to help employees process the traumatic event(s).  Participants of this training will learn about the various types of trauma, the effects of stress, the grief process, how to process the traumatic event and the benefits of doing so.