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Workplace Referrals

Workplace Referrals

Company managers and supervisors achieve results in their organizations by facilitating the best performance of employees. When employees do not meet workplace standards, EAP provides effective, proven management tools for resolving concerns and improving work performance.

Supervisors will also want to consider their organization’s administrative policies and procedures. Consulting with your immediate supervisor and/or human resources is appropriate and expected in most organizations.

To make a formal referral to EAP, a Workplace Consultation/Referral Form should be completed. Also available is our step-by-step guide to constructively addressing performance concerns and making a workplace referral, Skills for Supervisors. Additional forms such as our Reasonable Cause Form and our Alcohol & Drug Referral Form may be more appropriate for situations that warrant a medical or substance related evaluation and referral.

We encourgage supervisors and managers to call the EAP at 800-645-1246 or 434-845-1246 to discuss your employee concerns with an EAP consultant to get the proper assistance for making referrals into the EAP.