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Supervisor's ToolBox

Welcome to the Supervisor’s Toolbox. The two most germane factors in employers gaining true value from their employee assistance program are the following: (1) top company management conceptually understanding EAP as a business partner, and endorsing EAP to the organization at large; and (2) front-line supervisors practically understanding how to use the EAP as a management tool.

The EAP is central in serving as a tool to the supervisor in his role of managing employee performance. Management referrals to the EAP are made, not because of employee personal problems, but as a result of performance problems that have shown no previous signs of resolution. In this manner, EAP is a supplement, rather than a substitute, to your organization's progressive discipline policies. The EAP is uniquely positioned to assist employees with a path to resolving performance problems by addressing the personal elements that often are underlying drivers of declining performance. While the EAP works directly with employees to resolve performance problems, the EAP concurrently provides management consultation to human resource professionals, company executives, and frontline managers in formulating effective strategies for carefully managing these often complex and sensitive human issues.

For specific guidance in understanding how management can more effectively partner with the EAP to meet employee challenges, please see our Skills for Supervisors Manual.  This user-friendly guide not only provides instruction regarding the customary questions associated with the EAP, but it also gives a feel for the spirit in which the EAP works with employers in these areas.  Additionally, please feel free to access our on-line training for supervisors, intended to enhance general management skills, as well as to improve the linkage between supervision and the EAP as a management tool.

Need to speak directly with an EAP consultant?  Call us at (434) 845-1246 or (800) 645-1246 for a consultation on supervisory and management issues.