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Supervisor Training: Using the EAP in Supervision

Important: Computer speakers are required for optimum viewing. Be sure to check that your speakers are turned on and up

Welcome to Supervisor Training: Using the EAP in Supervision.  This course will teach you how employee assistance programs work, the steps in making a supervisor referral, and how to avoid common pitfalls when managing troubled employees. Click on the button below to start.

This tutorial will run automatically for about 27 minutes. 

Contact your employee assistance professional if you have any questions about the EAP after completing the course. Also, be sure to read your organization's EAP policy so you understand your responsibility and role in the program's success. Remember, top management has endorsed your EAP and expects you to support it. Enjoy the program.

Click below to start the video. Speakers and sound capability are needed for optimum viewing of this course.

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