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"We saved money by investing in our employees, instead of replacing them."

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EAP Works

EAP Works - Employee Assistance Programming

Strenthening Organizations & People

You may be losing up to $7,500 every year for each employee who suffers from a stress related physical or mental illness.

We identify and resolve employees' personal concerns that reduce productivity, as related to:

  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Substance Abuse
  • Job Stress
  • Family Issues
  • Financial Strain
  • Relationship Problems

EAP as a Management Tool

Invest in your business by utilizing EAP as a management tool.  We provide expert consultation to managers and frontline supervisors dealing with diminishing job performance from employees.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention is available to help organizations facing an acute employee or work team incident.

EAP Works: Services for Members