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For Employers

Supporting the Workplace

In addition to the personal and confidential services offered for employees and their family members, All Points provides risk management and performance consultation services to organizational management as part of a comprehensive core EAP program.

Professional Expertise to Support Supervisors, Managers, and Employees

All Points supports your workplace by providing:

  • Workplace behavioral specialists for substance abuse, mental health, and workplace issues.
  • Supervisor training and consultation regarding employees with performance problems.

  • Employer referral to EAP for the following situations:

        1. Unsatisfactory work performance (e.g., unmet productivity goals,     conflicts with coworkers, absenteeism, tardiness)
        2. Violations of company policies or procedures (e.g., positive drug or alcohol screens, sexual or other harassment, safety violations)
        3. Impaired worker evaluations and fitness for duty coordination
        4. Return to work assessment after leave of absence to aid in structuring performance expectations
        5. Employees facing retirement or layoff
  • On-site visits to the workplace – we are knowledgeable regarding our customers' work sites and employee populations.

  • Responsive support, with an average of 3-5 days wait for standard referrals.

  • Same day emergency appointments - with professionals on emergency call 24 hours per day.

  • Crisis intervention, including critical incident debriefing.

  • SAP (Substance Abuse Professionals) evaluations for DOT regulation compliance.

  • SAE (Substance Abuse Expert) evaluations for NRC regulation compliance.
  • Core EAP training provided as a part of contract fee.

Additional Organizational Development Services

All Points offers organizational development through add-on services to EAP. These are provided by our training division, People Works.

We consult on the following items:

      1. Behavioral health care and wellness programs
      2. Drug-Free Workplace
      3. Organizational change
      4. Workplace harassment
      5. Violence in the workplace

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