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Looking for an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is most often understood as a resource to help employees and their families cope with the challenges of life.  EAPs are most frequently associated with resolving personal problems involving the following concerns: emotional struggles (depression, anxiety, grief, and stress), drug and alcohol problems, marital and family conflict, as well as discord and stressors unique to the workplace.  While helping to resolve these issues is a major focus of an effective EAP, this work is accomplished as an outgrowth of a more fundamental, robust understanding of the purposes of an EAP.

At the core level, EAP is about linking the health and well-being of employees with their producitivity and performance.  Human nature suggests that one is more apt to be focused, engaged, and highly productive at work, if personal and/ or workplace stressors are kept to a minimum. The importance of this central truth is magnified in the modern service and knowledge-based economy, which is essentially grounded in leveraging the human intellect to produce specified results for customers.

An effective EAP is a vital tool in assisting companies to take full advantage of human and organizational potential toward achieving business results. A core technology EAP is best positioned to offer this depth and integration of work-centered behavioral health services. (Please see "EAP Association: Definition of Core Technology EAP" link below for more information).

The business case for EAP can be summarized by understanding EAP as having an economic impact in at least the following areas: (1) Health Care Savings; (2) Human Capital Gains; (3) Organizational Returns.  For greater detail regarding how an EAP can save money for your company, please see the attached "The Business Case for EAP" PDF below for a visual explanatory guide.

Interested in setting up an employee assistance program for your company?  We would be glad to discuss the needs of your organization and how All Points EAP & Organizational Services may be able to help you. 


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