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Letter from the Director


Thank you for visiting the All Points EAP & Organizational Services, Inc. website. On behalf of the All Points Staff and Board of Directors, we sincerely hope that you will find the website not only a useful directory of information regarding our services, but also a reliable resource to help support your effectiveness as an individual, both personally and professionally. All Points is a proud affiliation of committed professionals, with a strong culture of teamwork, focused upon compassionately partnering with companies and individuals toward the fulfillment of enhanced performance and of increased personal satisfaction.

Many people regard an employee assistance program (EAP) as a counseling agency designed to help employees and their loved ones with emotional, substance abuse, marital, or family problems. While this view is certainly correct, it often overlooks a deeper understanding of the potential impact of the EAP on work organizations. EAP is fundamentally about the strong link between employees' health and wellbeing and their productivity and performance. Clinical research as well as practical experience demonstrates that people who are happy, healthy, and free of excessive worries and life stressors are more apt to deliver higher levels of work performance on a consistent basis. Thus, the EAP is essentially the workplace’s resource, utilizing a specialized core technology of behavioral health knowledge and skills to provide consultation to business and industry for the ultimate purposes of improving human health and wholeness, while concurrently adding economic value to host organizations.

All of our programs are confidential, easily accessible, and results-oriented. Please feel free to peruse the website to become more familiar with our services and approach to care. If you should require more direction or information regarding All Points, do not hesitate to contact us via any of the routes indicated in the Contact section of the website.

Best Regards,
Jason C. McDaniel
All Points Executive Director